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Copyright at CSUEB: Information for Faculty

Your Rights as an Author/Creator at CSUEB

Within CSUEB, you have the rights afforded to you by the contract and by the Intellectual Property policy.  Consult these documents.

Granting Rights

You can make life easier for your fellow-authors if you consider what type of license you need.  If you are working with a traditional publisher, see the "negotiating contracts" section on this page, but if you are creating work and making it available, consider one of the Creative Commons licenses.

Negotiating Contracts

If there's one thing about copyright that's absolute, it's that contract trumps copyright every time.  A good practice is to negotiate your arrangements up front.  The biggest problems come when you've assumed that all will be as you expect and, post-writing, post-submission, you find out that your assumptions are not in agreement with the publisher's ideas.  In advance of writing a book (textbook, book about your research) for a publisher (commercial, university press, other), ask about constraints.  A few examples are given below, but you need to read carefully any contract that is proposed and make sure that it includes all the elements you need.

  • Who owns my work? What about international rights? Electronic rights?  Inclusion in databases?
  • Who secures permission to use others' copyright work, e.g., text, images?  Who pays for permissions?  What happens if permissions are not granted?
  • What about expenses and payments?  Is there a "kill" fee? (This occurs if the publisher eventually decides not to publish your work after all.)