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Exhibits in the Library: Exhibits Policy

This guide serves as your resource for Library Exhibits


This policy defines the nature of the CSUEB Library's exhibits and the procedures governing these exhibitions.


A committee of CSUEB Library faculty and staff plans and oversees a rotating roster of exhibits in the CSUEB Library. Exhibits are student-focused, reflecting the diversity of our campus and communities, and highlight the unique elements of our collection.


The Exhibits Committee is comprised of Library faculty and staff and oversees all exhibits in the Library, including making procedural decisions related to exhibit spaces, content, and installation; reviewing and approving exhibit proposals; seeking out exhibit ideas and partners; creating an exhibits calendar; and managing exhibit supplies.

Exhibition Areas

The following areas are the current and approved exhibit areas in the CSUEB Library.

Hayward Library

  • Lower Mall
    • REservable
      • Lobby Museum Case
    • Internal
      • Bielle Room gallery (3 cases)
  • Upper Mall
    • Reservable
      • Elevator Museum Case

Upper and Lower Mall wall space is also covered by this policy.

The Exhibits Committee may consider any requests to display in areas not currently included in the list of exhibits areas.

Community Exhibits

  • CSUEB entities, including departments, support offices, and student groups, are welcome to apply to use reservable Library exhibit space.
  • Exhibits are selected based on:
    • Breadth of appeal
    • Educational content
    • Timeliness to current and campus events
    • Relation of materials to the camus and wider community
    • Opportunity for presentation of companion public programming
    • Scheduling constraints. Proposed exhibitions must fit into the Library exhibits calendar
    • Reinforcement of the strategis and development goals of the campus and Library
    • Quality and aesthetic value
    • Thematic integrity
  • All exhibits are temporary.
  • The Exhibits Committee oversees and is responsible for all exhibits.
  • Exhibits are curated by Library staff or in cooperation with faculty, students, or campus groups.
  • The Library is committeed to presenting diverse points of view and to principles of academic freedom. The Library does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of community exhibits.
  • The Library's primary purpose is to provide our users with access to collections and services. Exhibits may not compromise the privacy of staff and users or disrupt or harm the facility, collections, or visitors.
  • The Dean of the Libraries reserves right of final approval for all exhibits to ensure that they are consistent with the values and traditions of CSU, East Bay and the University Library.

Exhibition Installation and Security

  • The Library does not provide any special security in its Exhibit areas. Community exhibits should not containt material of high value or unique or rare materials. Digital facsimiles of rare or high value items should be exhibited when at all possible. A complete release form is required for all community exhibits.
  • Exhibits must fit into the display cases and wall spaces provided. Free-standing exhibits or the addition of computer monitors or supplementary materials will need to be approved by the Exhibits Committee in consulation with the campus fire marshal.
  • Materials that are on loan from staff, faculty, students, or campus organizations are displayed at the risk of the lending party. The Library does not provide any insurance for materials on display or assume any responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to any materials while in transit, during installation, while on exhibit, or during de-installation.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact John Wenzler, Dean of Libraries, at or 510-885-4244

CSUEB Exhibits Policy

A PDF copy of the Exhibits Policy is attached below. If you need to print a copy, please feel free to use this version.