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Scan Day at East Bay 2014: What Happens at Scan Day?

Information page for Scan Day at East Bay 2014

From the Archives

Photograph of Warren Hall and Library

Photograph of Warren Hall and Library Complex including the courtyard fountain

From Administration & Finance Records

Scan Day Happenings

What Happens When I Get to Scan Day?

When you arrive at Scan Day, you'll be greeted by one of our volunteers and registered for Scan Day. The volunteer will give you information sheets and a permission license to fill out if you haven't compled them yet. Then, you'll be directed to one of our scanning stations to have your photos scanned.

How Will You Scan My Photographs?

We will have flatbed scanners to scan your photographs. We will scan them at high resolution.

When Will I Get to See My Photographs Online?

Depending on how many people come to Scan Day, we hope to get the photographs online within a month or so. While scanning is a very quick process, it takes considerably more time to enter the metadata (information) about your photos so that people will be able to find your photos online. We will email you when your photographs are available online.

Do I Get My Original Photographs Back? 

Yes, after we scan your photographs you will get your original photographs back.

Can I Get a Copy of the Digitzed Photographs?

Yes, after scanning your photos we will burn the digital image files to a CD that you'll get to take home, along with your original photographs.

What if There is a Line When I Get to Scan Day?

If there is a line for scanning when you get to Scan Day, you can look at our digital collections on other computers and maybe even find someone you know in the photographs! If you identify anyone in the photographs, please let a volunteer know so we can add their names to the photograph information. We'll also have old yearbooks to look through while you are waiting.

What if I Want to Share More than 10 Photographs with the Archives?

If you want to share more than 10 photographs with the archives, please contact the archivist at or 510-885-4287 to discuss the logisitics of your donation.