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Scan Day at East Bay 2014: What Do I Bring To Scan Day?

Information page for Scan Day at East Bay 2014

From the Archives

Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees

Photograph of members of the Cal State Hayward Athletic
Hall of Fame inducted in 1986

From University Advancement Records

What to Bring to Scan Day

What should I bring to Scan Day?

Please bring 5-10 photographs of your time at the university. These can be photos of you and your friends on campus or off campus in Hayward. We are interested in the photos you want to share that are meaningful to you and your time at the university.

How Do I Share Information about My Photographs?

We ask that you fill out a Donor's Photo Information Sheet for each of your photos so you can share information with us. You can dowload a copy of the information sheet below, if you want to fill it out before you come to Scan Day. We'll also have information sheets at Scan Day for you to fill out, if you don't have time to do it beforehand.

Do I Need to Give Permission for You to Post My Photographs to the Online Archive?

Yes, we need to get your permission to post your photographs and information about your photographs to the online archives. You can find the permission license below, if you would like to fill it out before you come. We'll also have copies at Scan Day.