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Who Can Use this Service

The CSUEB Ask Us by Email is for members of the University community (students, faculty and staff). It is provided to help University users become self-sufficient in their research endeavors.

If you are not affiliated with CSUEB: We are sorry that we can only reply to inquiries if they are about CSUEB library services or unique materials from our collection.

What You’ll Get

  • Brief Answers
    We will provide brief responses to your inquiries. If necessary to answer a question, we will contact you to clarify the question, or make a referral to online and/or print sources that can be used to answer the question. We cannot provide bibliographies, nor can we retrieve or hold library materials for you.
  • Referral to Relevant Resources
    We will refer you to relevant electronic and/or print sources to search for books, articles, and other materials required for a research paper or project.
  • Referral to a Subject Specialist
    For more in-depth subject assistance, you will be referred to a subject specialist who may ask you to schedule an appointment.

E-Mail Reference Question Form

Please make your question clear and concise. If a question is not clear, we will respond asking for more detailed and specific information. Not all questions can be effectively answered through e-mail. We will let you know if your question requires you to visit the library in person. You can usually expect a response to your query within two or three business days.

Please tell us a little about yourself so that we can answer your questions in a more personal manner.

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Last Updated 08.13.08

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