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Asian Pacific Islander Art Exhibit - 2008: Home

A gallery of hanging art created by CSUEB students and alumni as part of the Chinese & Asian American Experience Festival in the CSUEB Library.

Show Dates and Location

Exhibit Dates: October 12, 2008 - February 1, 2009

Exhibit Location: CSUEB University Library, Hayward Campus, Lower-Mall

Exhibit Promotional Statement

Art Works of CSUEB Students and Alumni

For the third straight year, current and former CSUEB students of Asian and Pacific-Islander descent share their artwork with the campus community. Previous years’ shows have been especially well-received, and have highlighted the diverse personal, immigration, and other experiences of these student artists.

Student painting of George W. Bush

Though most of these artists were born well after the anti-Asian laws were repealed in the 1960s, their family stories have been profoundly affected by the years in which the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act held sway.


A CSUEB exhibit, curated by Joanne Ludwig

Wall Posters for This Exhibit

Background on 6 Coordinated Exhibits

Six-in-One Exhibit Takes Over the Library!

As you can discern from elsewhere on this page, in 2008 the CSUEB Libraries invited 2 traveling exhibits and 4 CSUEB departmental players to participate in this unique festival centering on the Chinese Experience in California.

What is not so clear is that - at one point when all the exhibits were finally up - they seemed to overtake the library itself:

  • The Lower Mall was dedicated to the Immigration and Bay Area Asians panels, the traveling Remembering 1882 display, and the Asian Student Art Exhibit;
  • The Upper Mall was literally almost filled with the Anthropology-produced Ghosts of the Dam 10' panels and accompanying display cases;
  • Additionally on the Upper Mall, the Art Gallery's Stones & Bones display took over the Librarian's Alcove, and the Gateway to Gold Mountain free-standing panels took a footprint of 15' by 50' on the UM South Wall facing the Courtyard!

To make sense of it at this remote date, we recommend you visit the various component exhibits listed below or under the Past Exhibits tab at the top of this page.

You can link to new LibGuides for individual exhibits in this festival (as the Guides become available, links will be activated):

Traveling Exhibits:

CSUEB-Produced Exhibits:

Hope you enjoy what you see!

- DA

Librarian Liaison

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Diana Wakimoto
Fall Semester 2018
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Exhibit Backstory

The Asian Pacific-Islander art exhibit was one of six displays that the Library coordinated, starting in Fall Quarter 2008. Each exhibit illuminated some aspect of the Chinese American experience in California, inspired by the visiting show from the Chinese Historical Society of America: Remembering 1882: Fighting for Civil Rights in the Shadow of the Chinese Exclusion Act, which dealt with the Chinese Exclusion Act of that year.

This particular component of the larger festival of exhibits dealt with contemporary Chinese and Asian culture and society in California as manifested in the paintings and artwork of CSUEB students and alumni.

The show was produced and curated by Joanne Ludwig of the CSUEB Art department and Gallery.

- DA


Producer: Joanne Ludwig
Curator: Joanne Ludwig
Poster and Graphics: Richard Apple

Copyright 2007-2008, CSUEB Art Department