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Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Exhibit - 2016: Home

This year's celebration of API heritage includes panels on Samoa, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Show Dates and Location

Exhibit Dates: May 13, 2016 - June 30, 2016

Exhibit Location: CSUEB University Library, Hayward Campus, Lower-Mall

Exhibit Promotional Statement

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Celebrated May through June at the Library!

This year, the annual commemoration of Asian Pacific Islander Month will be expanded from May, through June 2016.

The first 3 of proposed future panels that present API Heritage and culture are prominently displayed in the Lower Mall (LM) Lobby of the Main Library at CSUEB's Hayward Campus.

We invite you to drop by and enjoy the cultures of Samoa, Indonesia, and the Philippines as presented by members of the campus' API Heritage Groups.



Wall Posters for This Exhibit

Exhibit Producer & Guide

Dick Apple's picture
Dick Apple
I am available for meetings in the Library by appointment.

Please contact Library Administration by phone (below), or email me (preferred).
(510) 885-3664
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Exhibit Backstory

The Asian Pacific Islander exhibit for 2016 was produced with contributions from 3 of the CSUEB Campus' API Heritage Groups: Samoan, Filipino, and Indonesian. 

Under the direction of Corey Gin, the Director of the CSUEB LEEP Program (Leadership and Employment Enrichment Program), the API Heritage Community - in conjunction with the University Libraries - will produce a new group of 3 or more posters each spring to commemorate Asian and Pacific Islander cultures.

This inaugural year, there was not enough time to bring all the contributors' projects to fruition, and as a result, new posters for Fiji and Pakistan will be included in the next API exhibit.

The API producers for this year's panels - Arvin Garcia, Bernard Juan Putra, and Siolotoi Ti - scrambled under a tight deadline to create the materials you see here (left).

The CSUEB Library was responsible for the overall assembly, layout, and printing. It was a great team effort, and we look forward to the next API outing!

- DA


Library Producers: Richard Apple, Jared Mariconi
Asian Pacific Heritage Group Producers: Corey Gin, Arvin Garcia, Bernard Juan Putra, Siolotoi Ti
Poster Layout: Richard Apple
Text and Graphics: Arvin Garcia, Bernard Juan Putra, Siolotoi Ti

Copyright 2016