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Affordable Learning Solutions at Cal State East Bay: Finding OER for my course

Part of the CSU initiative to provide students with affordable options to expensive texts


See tabs to the right for key suggestions of places to search for open educational resources: textbooks, media, lectures, and a host of other options.  Please email with suggestions or edits, keeping in mind that the rapid growth of OER means the list can never be complete.

Faculty are also using library e-books and articles as texts and learning resources in their classes.  For a complete list for fall 2017, see

Resources and Ideas at CSUEB

There are a number of places to help you understand the developing field of alternative resources and help you to find, re-mix, re-use, or create your textbook. 

More search structures for your Google search

Mandatory term that will find the material that can be used for free Common terms in the Open Educational Resources movement Subject matter in the title or anywhere else Words to refine the search
"creative commons" "open textbook" intitle:social work introduction
  textbook "social work" advanced
  eBook OR e-Book    


Quick Tips

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