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NURS 2031 - Evidence Based Practice Protocol

Evidence Based Health Policies

Finding Evidence Based Practice Protocols

Below are some recommended places to find Evidence Based Practice (EBP) articles and protocols. 

Evidence Pyramid

PICO Protocol

The PICO Protocol is used in Evidence Based Practice to frame and answer a medical question. The acronym stands for:

P - Population
I - Intervention
C - Comparison
O - Outcome

You can use this protocol for framing your question, for example:

Population: Elderly
Intervention: Flu prevention
Comparison: None
Outcome: Reduce spread of flu

Question: What interventions can be taken to reduce the spread of flu among the elderly?

Search String: You can then take this question to create a search string to use in a database, for example: (elderly OR senior citizens) AND (flu prevention OR influenza prevention OR influenza vaccine OR flu vaccine)

Connect From Off-Campus

You can access databases from off-campus by entering your netID and password after clicking on the database links.

If you have any issues with logging in, please call the Reference Desk at 510-885-3765 or send an email to

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Try a different browser (Chrome to Firefox, IE to Chrome, etc.)
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  • Restart your computer
  • Reset your netID password (if you can log in to Blackbaord, MyCSUEB, etc, but not the databases)