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HSC 1000

Research guide to assist with the midterm essay in Professor Engelman's HSC 1000 class.

Health Science Department

CSUEB's Health Sciences Department Homepage and the Nursing Department Homepage are good starting places in your departmental research.

As of Spring 2017, there are six Bachelor of Science degrees and one minor offered by the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences. The links below will take you to each major and list required and optional courses.

As of Fall, 2018, CSUEB will be transitioning to semesters and the majors available may change. Please meet with your major advisor to discuss your options, and set up a track for best moving forward on the semester system.

CSUEB Academic Services

The College of Science Student Service Center provides comprehensive major advising and support for students in the Health Sciences and Nursing majors.

It can be helpful to find a faculty advisor to discuss your educational and vocational plans with. You can see a list of Health Science faculty and their office hours here

You can also get more general campus advising help through Academic Advising and Career Education. And, if you're a transfer student coming from a California community college, you can get help understanding how your credits transfer using ASSIST.